No Uber in Sabah

uber in Sabah

Chairman of Sabah Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board, Datuk Raime Unggi stated that he did not given an approval and recognized ride-sharing services like Uber to start their service in Sabah. Last Wednesday, the taxi operator handed him a memorandum regarding Uber society and he gave his full support to the taxi society in Sabah as the Uber does not comply with existing regulation. He also said that Uber should stop operating immediately even though they received good feedback from the customer. The rules is more matter than other things.

Uber App to be blocked?

Other than that, blocking the mobile application of the transportation service is also one the thing requested from the taxi operator before moving to further action. Furthermore, Datuk Raime Unggi will try his best to improve the current public transportation system in Sabah. As mentioned by CLVB, there will be no increment for bus tickets.

He has instructed the rate to be affordable to ensure the uniform fare which was implemented by express bus operators except during festive season. What people assumed were is an increase in fare during festive season. Last but not the least, the public can send the email regarding complaint or proof to CLVB if they find any irregularity in express bus fares. The evening function had been closed by Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister, Datuk Seri Masidi Manjun.

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