Kota Kinabalu Bar Crawl

Kota Kinabalu Bar Crawl

If one is new to KK and wants to explore the nightlife and party like a local, there is a perfect way to go: The Kota Kinabalu Bar Crawl. After joining the guys from “Amazing Borneo” on a Saturday night, you know where to go when heading downtown next time by yourself… If you remember anything, that is.

The Kota Kinabalu bar crawl allows you to experience KK nightlife “like a local” as it covers the entire spectrum of cheap and cheerful backpacker joints to high-end wine bars. The bar crawl begins at the Amazing Borneo’s headquarters in Asia City complex where participants or drinkers are split into teams that will “race” through the city. The party kicks off right there with some drinking games as ice-breakers before heading towards the first destination.

One should only join the KK bar crawl after a sumptuous dinner, as the amounts of alcohol involved may put your party to an end before you actually reach the final destination. There are only two rules: No Driving and Having Fun!

KK Bar Crawl

Most venues are within walking or stumbling distance even for locals who are prone to driving everywhere. The first stop is a popular bar along one of the city’s most touristy strips. All KK bar crawlers are greeted with a drink before the next challenge begins. Over the course of the next three hours or so, teams make their way to a local pub with a “live” band, an upscale wine bar, a big name franchise outlet and a tourist bar.

At each stop you will have some more drinks and a challenge to master. This challenge is a rather humorous task where skills and knowledge won’t help you much. It is all about having fun. Although touted as a race, there is no actual prize nor is there an elimination. If you win, you get bragging rights to survive the Kota Kinabalu Bar Crawl.

Be sure you plan how to get home safely BEFORE the START of the KK bar crawl. The fun-event happens every Saturday. The promotional rates are RM150 for Malaysians and RM190 for non Malaysians.

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