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01. November, 2017

Telibong Water Treatment Plant Upgrading Project

Telibong Water Treatment Plant Upgrading Project

The second phase of the RM400 million Telibong water treatment plant in Tuaran will be implemented next year to serve the water consumption of Kota Kinabalu and neighboring districts.  According to Sabah water department director Datuk Wilis Ansoi, the upgrading will result to a plant capacity twice its current production, that is, from 80 million liters per day (MLD) to 160 million liters per day.

The rapid growth of urbanization in the city has resulted to increased consumption for water and the current capacity of the plant cannot meet such demand.  There have been water supply disruptions on a number of occasions already, some due to low water pressure.  The water supply in Kota Kinabalu and surrounding districts are currently being coursed through to main water plants – Telibong and Babagom Dam in Penampang.

The water department director also added that the upgrading project is part of a long term plan.  They are expecting to commence the project next year and will be completing it after three years.

This was announced during the state planning conference in celebration of the World Town Planning Day 2017.

MCPF in Sabah’s Districts Soon

Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF) bodies will be set up in the district levels of Sabah by next year as told to reporters by its senior vice-chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye on his visit to the Sabah Police Contingent Headquarters, Tuesday.  He said that this matter was already discussed with the Sabah MCPF.   The district heads will be named at a later date and will be chosen from those who are already MCPF members.  On the other hand, committee members will be chosen from those who will be joining the district MCPF.

Lam Thye added that they are hoping that the implementation of the district MCPF will be completed by next year because this is one way of enhancing awareness of the citizens on crime prevention.

Public Discussion on Crime Issues to Start Next Year in Sabah

There will be a public discussion on crime issues next year, starting in Tawau district in January.  Organized by the Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF) and the Sabah Police, the discussion will be a venue for the people to share their views on different crime issues in the country.

According to MCPF senior vice-chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye, the public discussions will be a mechanism for their organization and the police to determine what people think of efforts on crime prevention that are being implemented.  He made clear that MCPF is not a law enforcement agency but it is an organization for enhancing information dissemination for crime prevention.

Lam Thye also said that they are expecting the active participation of citizens from different backgrounds, including students and social activists.  The public discussion in Tawau is just a start and every town hall throughout the state will also have their own schedules by next year.

On other issues, Lam Thye was satisfied with the allocation tabled in the Budget 2018 for new housing units for the police force.  He said that this can improve the services of the police while on duty because they have fewer distractions, knowing that their own families are safe in their own homes.

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