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30. October, 2017

More Males in Sabah - Kota Kinabalu

More Males in Sabah

By the year 2020, the population in Sabah is expected to be about four million.  It is presently the second most populous state in the country and its 3.9 million people comprises 12.1% of the total national population with more males (52.3 per cent) than females.

In Kota Kinabalu, the proportion of males to females is similar with males comprising 51.5 per cent of the total population.  And according to the Report of Household Income and Basic Amenities Survey 2016 publication, the median monthly household income here of RM5,683 is a little higher than the national level of RM5,228.

This information was included in the speech of Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Panglima Abdul Rahman Dahlan delivered by Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM) chief statistician Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Uzir Mahidin during the launching of the Population and Housing Census of Malaysia 2020 (MyCensus 2020) at the Likas Sports Complex in Kota Kinabalu, Sunday.

Rahman emphasized the importance of accuracy in censuses because it will be used for the formulation of evidence-based policies.  Furthermore, accurate data can improve lives even though it will entail costs and involve all the people in Malaysia.  Thus, he is encouraging everybody to support MyCensus 2020 by giving out precise information to be used for decision making activities.

As an example, the implementation of the Pan Borneo Highway connecting Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei was based on information about the location to make sure that the project will have an impact on the people.  These information includes the population size, number of houses and presence of industrial areas, which can all be found in the census.

Since 1970, five Population and Housing Censuses have been implemented by Malaysia and this year, Sabah was chosen for the launching for the sixth MyCensus 2020.  It was chosen to inform the rakyat, which includes all public and private agencies and organizations, schools and the general public, about the implementation of MyCensus 2020.  Information on demographic and socioeconomic characteristics and profiles on population and housing will be included.  Accurate information from the census will be later used for the implementation of various development projects that will benefit the rakyat.

Budget 2018 Favorable for Tourism Industry

The Budget 2018 includes various allocations to revitalize the tourism industry.  Among these is RM2 billion for the SME Tourism Fund which will be used to provide soft loans to tour operators, RM1 billion for the Tourism Infrastructure Development Fund and RM500 million for upgrading of infrastructure facilities and promoting homestay and ecotourism programs.

Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (Matta) president Datuk Tan Kok Liang, speaking for the association, is thanking Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Haji Abdul Razak for identifying tourism as a driving force for income generation in the country.  He said that the association hopes to work hand in hand with financial institutions entrusted with the funds to make sure that loans reach qualified applicants and that the terms and conditions for such loans will also be fair and not too stringent.

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