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06. November, 2017

Gold Medals for Sabah Gymnasts

Gold Medals for Sabah Gymnasts

Members of the Sabah Gymnastics Association (SGA) who call themselves Gym For Life gymnasts made it to the top to grab the gold medal in the recent annual Kuala Lumpur Gymnastics Festival that ended last October 29.

The Sabah Gymnasts’ performance last Sunday, the group went out to the floor never showing the anxiety they felt for not winning the gold since joining the competition three years ago.  Their coach, Christopher Liew, said that he was watching his team perform and became worried because his team was so relaxed, enjoying their performance.  He thanked the parents of the participants for being supportive from the beginning.

Team manager Florence Fung proudly relates the challenges that the members of the team faced, especially for those who were preparing for their UPSR and PT3 examinations. She said that they trained once a week for the past seven weeks in consideration for the students.  But even with this schedule, the members pushed their limits and gave their best.

The team also participated in the 3rd World Gym For Life Challenge in Norway last July and came home with the silver medal.

The annual Kuala Lumpur Gymnastics Festival was organized by the Persatuan Gimnastik Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.  This year, there were 23 groups that participated – 21 from Malaysia and one each from Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Sustainable Seafood Purchasing Policy Pushed

State Tourism, Culture and Environment Assistant Minister Datuk Pang Yuk Ming is encouraging the Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) to implement a seafood purchasing policy for sustainability of marine resources.  By this, he means that the hotels should see to it that they buy seafood from suppliers with sustainable resources, either from farms or from fishermen who use the latest technology for sustainable fishing.  Sustainable fishing also means that proper nets are used for catching fish and not fish bombing.

The assistant minister, who was at the Sabah Hospitality Fiesta held at the Grand Merdeka mall in Telipok, Saturday, said that not implementing such policy will result to the loss of marine resources in five or 10 years.

He also hinted on the issuance of a guideline by the Agriculture Ministry to protect marine resources such as crabs.  This might include the policy on the size of marine catch that can only be sold in the markets so as to have a continuous supply of seafood.

He said that Sabah is known all over the country and even in Asia for its seafood so it is but fitting that policies will be issued to preserve its marine resources.

Civil Servants, Public Encouraged to Join Anti-Corruption Campaign

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in Sabah is encouraging more civil servants and even members of the public to join their campaign to fight corruption and abuse of power in Sabah.

Sabah MACC operational deputy director Hasbilah Mohd Salleh said that as of now, there are already 6,000 registered members of the Gerakan Revolusi Anti Rasuah (Gerah) since it started this year.  However, more members are needed so that they will become agents of information of the MACC on misuse of power and graft activity in their respective areas.

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