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13. October, 2017

No Terror Threat to Prince Charles’ Visit

No Terror Threat to Prince Charles’ Visit

Inspector General of Police Mohamad Fuzi Harun said that there are no terror threats in relation to the visit of Britain’s Prince Charles next month.  However, he stressed that even without the threats, there will be tight security for the royal visitors as per police standard procedures for high-profile activities.

Fuzi was referring to possible threats after a series of events involving Prince Harry, second son of Prince Charles, and Megat Shahdan Abdul Samad, an Islamic State fighter from Singapore.  Prince Harry talked about a terror attack in London while in Singapore last June and Shahdan took offense.  He challenged Prince Harry to go to Syria and Iraq to fight the terror group.

The official visit to Malaysia will be the first for Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, and it is part of the celebration of the partnership of Britain with Commonwealth nations in this part of Asia.  On November 3, they will be in Kuala Lumpur and will be going to Sarawak, Perak and Penang afterwards.  Singapore and India is also part of their itinerary.

Youth Festival Slated on October

The Seventh Voice Out Youth Festival will be on October 14 at the Dewan Masyarakat in Tambunan.  Organized by the Pusat Belia Youth – PREP Alamesra (YPC), it is in celebration with the International Day of the Girl-Child with the theme “Go Beyond Silence” or “Suarakanlah”.

Voice Out is a venue for the youth to showcase their talents in different art forms as well as putting into light the various issues and challenges faced by today’s young people.  This year, the issue on online sexual abuse and bullying will be discussed by several speakers.

According to Voice Out’s Coordinator Kelvin Soimin, the festival is not just for display of talents but also for empowerment so that today’s youth, as well as their families and communities, will be enlightened by the correct information and able to defend themselves should the need arises.

KK Football Team Qualifies for Saga

The Kota Kinabalu football team recently qualified to join the Sabah Games (Saga) this year to be held in Sandakan on December 15 – 22.  They were not able to play in the games held in Tawau two years ago but this time, they won all matches in their group composed of six teams in the qualifying round.

Team manager Lokman Sunggi said that he was very satisfied with the performance of the players, coaches and other team officials.

Include Ethnic Languages in Bahasa Malaysia

A review of Bahasa Malaysia is being proposed by the Malaysian Psycholinguistics Association (Persima) wherein academicians, lecturers and professors are requested to look into enriching the language to include those of ethnic groups in the country.  Persima patron Datuk Ahmad Maslan issued this statement during the closing of the Fourth International Psycholinguistics Seminar (Seapsil) in Tabung Haji Hotel, Kota Kinabalu Wednesday.

Ahmad added that this is can be nationalized to help preserve the various languages used by different ethnic groups by incorporating these into Bahasa Malaysia.  He said that this can also be done to enrich the language aside from taking in English terms.

Furthermore, he added that as Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry, he also proposed that they will also look into how Bahasa Malaysia can also be used as an international language, specifically in trade and technology.

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