Sabah Film wins Deauville Green Awards

Deauville Green Awards 2016

During the Deauville Green Awards 2016 in Paris, a film on rural communities in Sabah produced by Pernod Ricard won the Silver Award in the Sustainable Production and Circular Economy category. It is actually an international film productions that has been started to promote sustainable development and eco-innovations. They won jury’s heart as their film is about initiatives in involving the rural Sabah community.

In their video, the main reason of production is to gain more awareness from public and international authorities regarding the Malaysian inhabitants situation as they have limited access to basic infrastructures such as electricity and water. They also have created a long-term sustainable development program to help isolated communities all around Malaysia so that they can get access to lighting. It is called as ‘brightboxes’ and has been created around 235 pieces which run on solar energy and provided lighting to 2000 inhabitants.

Deauville Green Award will raise awareness

The Managing Director of Pernord Ricard Malaysia, Terence Ong said that ‘this award will help them to create greater awareness among the audiences and they hoped to receive a lot of contributions from their partners and public.’

At last, they hope they can continue helping their communities to control the electricity wisely and at the same time they are hoping that it will improve the Sabahan economic status and social conditions throughout the campaign.

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