Jungle Jack - Backpackers Lodge

Villagers stopped to demolish Jungle Jack

200 Bundu Tuhan villagers had been stopped by the police from destroying the ‘Jungle Jack’ backpackers lodge because it had been placed illegally on their native land since three years ago.

Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park

Mediacorp boosts Sabah Tourism

Sabah Tourism Board chairman, Dato’ Joniston Bangkuai, stated that ‘Legal Eagles’ drama produced by MediacorpStudios Sdn Bhd has helped Sabah tourism by bringing more visitors from Singapore to Sabah this year.

Kota Kinabalu Airport

Airlines use ‘me-too marketing’

Based on ‘me-too marketing’ strategy, the low budget airlines are currently opening their routes-flight to other destinations which is similar to what other exclusive airlines has been doing.

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

Wildlife Park proposed in Penampang

The Sabah government has been planning to set up a real wildlife park in Penampang but it depends whether it will benefit the natives and district or not. Other than that, the legal and cultural issues need to be put in consideration as well.

Summit of Mount Kinabalu

Second trail to Mount Kinabalu

By August, the second new trail to Mount Kinabalu will be open for climbers. It will also serve for rescue and emergency operations.

Beautiful Sabandar Photo Competition 2016

Beautiful Sabandar Photo Competition

As part of CSR program, Kinsabina organised a photography competition titled ‘Beautiful Sabandar’ at Sabandar in Tuaran, Sabah.

Sabah Earthquake

Weak Earthquake in Sabah

A weak earthquake of 2.3 on the Richter scale was detected in Ranau, Sabah, on June 11, just after 5am in the morning. Small aftershocks followed.