kk Befrienders - Kota Kinabalu

Rise in Depression according to KK Befrienders

The KK Befrienders, a non-governmental organization offering emotional support, has noted a rise in depression among its clients.

Institut-Sinaran - Education

Institut Sinaran Launched Education Fund

An education fund was launched by Institut Sinaran to help deserving but needy students to continue going to school.

Clean environkment and fresh air in Sabah

Clean Environment and Fresh Air in Sabah

There is clean environment and fresh air in the mountains and river banks of Sabah. The Sabah Tourism Board, making the most of the growing tourist influx.

Baby Elephant - Wildlife Rescue Unit

Wildlife Rescue Unit Receives Milk for Baby Elephants

Milk powder flown in from New Zealand to Kota Kinabalu was a big welcome at the Sabah Wildlife Department-Wildlife Rescue Unit (WRU)

Tourism Tax - Malaysia

Tourism Tax in Malaysia

Tourism and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz made an announcement that Malaysians will be exempted from the proposed tourism tax.

Ramsar Status for KK Wetlands

Ramsar Status for KK Wetlands

The Kota Kinabalu Wetlands was recently recognized as the seventh Ramsar site, the wetland recognition equivalent to a world heritage site.

Mobile Clinic

Mobile Clinic Mission to be Launched

The Assunta Integrated Social Services (ASSISS) Sabah will be launching its mobile clinic mission on July 23 at a chosen village in Penampang.

Earthquake Victims - Ranau 2015

2015 Earthquake Victims Still Showing Trauma

A high percentage of the 2015 earthquake victims in Ranau still showing trauma. Read the full story and other news of the day here.