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14. June 2017

17-06-14 Sabah - Endangered Wildlife

More Protection for Sabah Endangered Wildlife

Sabah will be going all out in the protection of its endangered animals following the death of one of its last three remaining Sumatran rhinos earlier this month.  The rhino was euthanized due to cancer.

During the opening of a workshop on ways to protect endangered species Monday, Assistant Tourism, Culture and Environment minister Datuk Pang Yuk Ming said that the flora and fauna of Sabah are tourist attractions and protection of endangered species should start right now and not at the time when there are very few left.  The Sunda clouded leopard, which is endemic to Sabah, will be next on the list with only about 700 in population.

The three-day workshop, organized by the Danau Girang Field Centre (DGFC) and the Sabah Wildlife Department (SWD), is expected to come up with an action plan for the protection of the leopard based on the recommendations of a five-year extensive research done by DGFC and SWD.

Sabah Scholars Aiming High

In a ceremony held in Kota Kinabalu on Sunday, 34 students from Sabah were recipients of the Petronas Education Scholarship.  They were among 353 outstanding SPM school leavers chosen nationwide who will be enrolling in various fields in universities in Malaysia and abroad.

Patricsius Richard is a 17-year-old achiever and will pursue a degree in chemical engineering at the Universiti Teknologi Petronas in Perak.  He balances the two things that he loves to do – studying and mountain-climbing.  He focuses on his studies during schooldays and joins his father in the mountains as a porter or as a guide during weekends and holidays.  He is the son of Mount Kinabalu Guides chairman, Richard Soibi.

Another achiever is Adrian Johnis who comes from the Maktab Tendah Sains Mara Sandakan and will also pursue a degree in engineering.  Growing up in a family of eight with so little to get by made him realize that he and his siblings can change the family’s situation.  He is the son of a marine policeman and a housewife.  He used to go with his father repairing vehicles or simple machines that made him decide to take a course in this field.

Sedafiat Plans to Extend Business in Brunei & Philippines

Sedafiat Sdn Bhd declared their plans to extend its business to neighboring countries such as Brunei and the Philippines after 2019.   This was announced by its chief executive officer Datuk Awang Buhtamam Awang Mahmun during the handing over of the company’s business zakat (tithes) for the financial year 2016 to Sabah Tithes Centre.

Sedafiat has been granted a concession agreement by the government in 2011 for the provision of hospital support services to all 25 government hospitals in Sabah.  These services include facility management, facility and biomedical engineering maintenance, linen supply and laundry and healthcare waste management.  According to Awang Buhtamam, there is potential in the healthcare industry wherein the company has experienced annual organic growth since the start of operations.

Awang Buhtamam also said that the business zakat payment this year is much higher than last year.  The company incurred less expenses by doing preventive maintenance on schedule, thus, hospital equipment lasted longer.

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