North Borneo Railway

Northern Borneo Railway - Steamtrain

For all the fans of the bygone era, a ride in this old steam train which is still functional in Sabah and Borneo is a must-do in order to make their vacation to KK complete in all forms.

North Borneo Railway starts from Kota Kinabalu and goes up to Papar passing through the terrain of Tanjung Aru. All the way through, one can witness the beauty of nature in its most ravishing form. The views of rainforests, rubber fields, coffee plantations, traditional village houses, paddy fields and buffaloes wandering in them are some views truly to die for.

Northern Borneo Railway - Sign

The North Boreno Railway was launched on 22nd January 2000 and it was in commemoration of the fact that Kota Kinabalu was achieving status of a city on 2nd February 2000. North Borneo Railway is result of a collaboration between private sector and govt. undertaking of Sabah, namely Sutera Harbour Resort and Sabah State Railway Department. It was brought into existence with a purpose of restoring infrastructure and promoting tourism of Sabah.

Interesting Facts about the North Borneo Railway

  • An unusual surprise in the form of breakfast or lunch served in tiffin-style waits for the passengers in this train. Asian and Continental cuisine is served in these tiffins.
  • The train is capable of accommodating 180 persons at a time.
  • It comprises 5 colonial style carriages that have been refurbished completely in modern style to suit the taste and comfort of modern passengers.
  • All the contemporary standards of safety are taken care of. The construction and functioning of these trains complies with highest international standards in terms of quality.
  • Designs on both the exterior as well interior of the train give a feeling of stepping in the times of 20th
  • One needs to book a journey at least one day in advance in order to avoid inconvenience and disappointment. It departs every Wednesday and Saturday at 10 a.m. Passengers shall board the train latest by 9:30 a.m. Ticket for an adult costs RM318, while for a child of age between 3 and 12 years costs RM159.
  • It is a journey of 60km which takes 4 hours to complete.
  • When the one-side journey concludes at Papar, passengers can deboard, roam around a little in Papar, even meet the locals and ride the train for getting back to KK.
Northern Borneo Railway -Lokomotive

How to get there

Tanjung Aru Station is at a 10 minutes drive from KK and is a journey of about 15 km. A bus from city center or taxi from any part of the city can get you there easily.