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16. June 2017

Pan Borneo Highway

Pan Borneo Highway Project Progressing Smoothly

The Pan Borneo Highway Project is progressing smoothly although some difficulties are being encountered at the Papar district due to the presence of some houses at the project site.  This was according to State Public Works Department (JKR) director Datuk Amrullah Kamal who met with the media during a press conference on the project held at The Pacific Sutera Tuesday.

Amrullah further said that his department has been communicating with the house owners and landowners who will be affected and that their cooperation of will be favorable to the timely completion of the project.  Ample time and due compensation will be given these owners to vacate the project site.

Also present during the press conference was State Land and Survey Department director Datuk Safar Untong.  He said that evaluation of the properties will be done by his department based on the prevailing market price.  They are expecting some owners to request that they be allowed to stay in their lands but Safar said that these situations will be given due attention so that there will be minimal delays in the project.

Transit Quarters Proposed at Pan Borneo Highway Project

Transit quarters are being proposed as temporary homes for those affected by the Pan Borneo Highway Project.  This was disclosed by State Public Works Department (JKR) director Datuk Amrullah Kamal who met with the media during a press conference held at The Pacific Sutera Tuesday.

Amrullah said that the landowners are willing to cooperate but for those with no other place to transfer to, it might take some time for them to vacate the premises.  Thus, the temporary homes are the best alternative.   He further said that his department has proposed this matter to the Federal Government and they are awaiting the response.

Sabah Receives Disaster Management Assets

Assets worth RM4 million were given to the Sabah Civil Defense Force at the UMS grounds Wednesday.  These include five German-made trucks designed to travel on rugged terrain and a multipurpose amphibious boat that can travel on land and water.  These were received by Sabah Civil Defense Force Director Col. Mulliadi Al-Hamdi Ladin from State Secretary Tan Sri Sukarti Wakiman, who is also Sabah Disaster Management Committee Chairman.

According to Sukarti, these assets will be a welcome addition to their existing disaster management equipment and vehicles.  A few months ago, several districts were flooded and although they are hoping that there will be no floods this year, they are more prepared should the need arises.

Mulliadi said that the five trucks will be given to selected locations in the state, including Kota Kinabalu in addition to the eleven owned by the Sabah Civil Defense Force and the boat will be given to Beaufort which is considered as a flood-prone district.

He also added that a total of ten more lorries and another boat are expected to arrive in two years’ time.

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