Mount Kinabalu

An UNESCO World Heritage

Summit of Mount Kinabalu

Towering at a height of 4095.2 meters, Mount Kinabalu is the tallest mountain not only in Malaysia but the entire South East Asia. It is also the 20th highest peak and one of the toughest treks in the world. The skyscraper lies in the geographical area of Kinabalu National Park and is the highest part of the entire Crocker Range of Mountains. The site has also been accredited as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Climbing Mount Kinabalu

It is during the early morning hours that its peak is visible and it is certainly one of the most breathtakingly picturesque views that one can’t stop looking at. Dawn is also the best time to start the ambitious trekking expedition since the scenic charm of sunrise is quite encouraging. At a height of 3272.7 m above the sea level is Laban Rata which is a kind of stoppage in the way. A cafeteria is available at this point.

Going up the mountain might appear to be an expensive affair including meals, transportation, guide, fee and other charges at first but the mind-blowing views that can be seen on the way up as well as down are truly worth the spending.

Mount Kinabalu Sunrise

Via Ferrata

For those who want to reach the top but without putting in the strenuous hard work, there is a great option of Via Ferrata. Mountain Torq, the via ferrata at Mount Kinabalu is the first in Asia and highest in the world. Climbers need to qualify certain criteria and a trainer is always there to accompany them.

Casual walking around the trails of Mount Kinabalu

In case you decide not to take up trekking, still entering the park and strolling around some fine walking trails in the rain-forest shall be a memorable experience. Hiring an expert guide will ensure an even better trip since the number of walking trails is many. The variety of flora and fauna that thrives in the park and on the mountain is a lot more than anyone can imagine.


There are several lodges, resorts and other stay options available but travelers are advised to book in advance. These vary from some quite affordable choices to some really luxurious resorts.

Essentials to carry:

If preparations are made beforehand and relevant information is collected, then reaching the summit becomes an achievable target. Some essentials that must be carried are:

Important Info

Mount Kinabalu is a popular destination among tourists as well as trekkers so all those who wish to climb this majestic mountain should pre-plan and make bookings at least 6 months in advance else they could be let down since the number of entries allowed is restricted and the number of trekking aspirants is large. There are a number of agents providing advance booking facilities online as well as offline.