Gaya Street Market

Gaya Street Market is loaded, loud and sultry, but still the best place to be at while in KK during a weekend. What can be a better way to start a Sunday morning than shopping in a market where you can buy almost anything and everything? The market is the best place to spend the weekend morning.

Gaya Street Market

The local traffic gives way to the fare every Sunday. Not only for shopping purpose, Sabahans come here for fun, food and drinks too. Gaya Street is parallel to Jalan Pantai. The market stretches from Jesselton Hotel to the KK Municipal Building giving way to more than hundreds of street vendors with their canopies and umbrellas.

 Gaya Street, formerly known as Bond Street is located in the Kota Kinabalu Central Business District. It has been the center of business for over a hundred years. In all these years, this market is providing business to more than hundreds of vendors and shopkeepers.

Gaya Street Market – The All-in-One Market

The Gaya Street market is a place to get everything you can imagine. While walking through the market one could see local handicrafts, antiques, fruits, beverages, herbs, potted flowers, pets, pet’s food, arts and craft, footwear, cakes and a lot more. The market, also has food stalls where local food smells really tempting.It is an ‘all at one stop market’. From, the things of daily use to antiques and crafts can be seen here. It is a very long stretched market having hundreds of stalls and shops. This is a great place to experience local living.

Every Sunday, tourists as well as the locals enjoy local produce and food and try pastries and drinks. It is a nice weekly market with reasonable prices open to bargaining. Some excellent artists can also be seen in the street, like customizing wooden boards with messages or names. One should also secure key-chains and other gifts for friends and family while getting back home.

The market is organized only on Sundays and begins at 6am in the morning. The vendors start packing-up their stuff around 1pm in the afternoon.

Getting to Gaya Street Market

The market is at a walking distance from the city center. A public transport can be taken from outside of the city to the city center. Bus, mini-van or cab also leads straight to the city center.

The parking places are extremely limited, so reaching the market early is strictly advised to those who wish to come with their own vehicle.